As I write today’s blog, I am swaddled in wool from head to toe. The cold weather reached Florida on Monday. The heat has been running nonstop since then. I have lived in Florida since 1975 and cannot remember a time that we have had this many consecutive days of cold weather. Lexie Lee and I fight for spots in the picture window whenever a ray of sunlight comes out—which has not been often!

I have been editing holiday photos and chuckle at the snow scenes. It was actually warmer in Missouri most of my eleven days there then it is here this week. I ventured into the garage a couple days after Christmas and and shot the photo of the hay bales covered in snow. Burrrrrrr but beautiful!

This is my sister Donna and Rose. You will learn more about Rose in future blogs. She was a special Christmas surprise.

Here is Rose all snuggly under the Christmas tree. She’s sticking out her tongue. That is kind of how I feel about the Florida weather about now!!

Bountiful Blessings!