After reading Alex Lieber’s Ten New Year’s Resolutions from the cat’s perspective, I am considering suggesting a couple to Lexie Lee.

First of all, Lexie Lee is afraid of strangers. Anyone heard approaching the front door sends her flying up five steps to the master suite. However, she is becoming tolerant of the mail carrier. She watches him with great intensity from her picture window perch. One of my friends who really wanted to meet Lexie Lee recently only managed to touch the tip of her tail as she flew by.

So resolution one is to be friendly to service people and Linda’s friends. As Lieber suggests, “I won’t turn my nose up at newcomers right away. Instead, I’ll give them a chance to scratch my ears before disappearing under the bed.” Well, it’s taken a year to warm up to the mail carrier. Let’s see what another year can do for the pool service company.

Now Lexie Lee is almost perfect, but there is one other little thing that I’d like to see her work on! Oh, how she loves countertops. For some unexplained reason, she thinks it is fun to drink water out of glasses on the countertop. Now I admit it is great exercise for her to leap up and down several times a day!

But maybe we should really consider resolution two which is to stay off the counters, at least when company is around. As Lieber points out, “I only get chased off anyways. Sooner or later everyone leaves, so I can patrol the countertops if I’m just a little patient.” Well, that is certainly reassuring!

I think I will stop at two resolutions this year! What is your cat’s New Year’s Resolution?

Bountiful Blessings!