My cat Tatianna relished being in the midst of all the Christmas festivities. Whether it was decorating trees, addressing cards, wrapping presents, or entertaining friends, you would find her in the midst. She was my household’s feline socialite, and she loved to greet the company. Sometimes, if I was having a house party, I put Tatianna in the master suite for safety reasons. She soon learned that I brought certain people into the closed room to ooh and aah over her, so she tolerated the temporary detention.

As I approach a busy weekend of last minute shopping, baking and decorating, I am reminded that it is important to keep tabs on our kitties. Just as trees and tinsel can cause concern, so can any number of other situations related to Christmas.

Several years ago I invited a friend and her mother to my home to help set up my Dickens village. This grand production took all evening, and I planned plenty of appetizers. Once when the three of us were busy unpacking village houses, Katarina helped herself to the onion dip. I turned around and there she was in the middle of the coffee table licking away on the appetizer on my friend’s plate! Katarina did not care much for the chips, but oh, how she loved the dip! We had a good laugh. Fortunately she did not eat enough to get an upset tummy. But some friends may not as amused if your little angel  turns up in the middle of the holiday buffet table.

So during party time, consider putting your fur friends in a room that can be their safe sanctuary for the evening. Be sure to have their food, water and litter box nearby. You won’t have to worry about them slipping out open doors and getting lost or helping themselves to goodies and getting sick.

This is the last of the series of Christmas blogs published in 2008.  The trio blog received a Cat Writers’ Association Certificate of Excellence Award in November.

How do you keep your cat out of mischief during holiday company?

Bountiful Blessings!