Last year as I sat admiring my beautiful ten-foot live Scotch pine tree adorned with a cat ornament collection, Lexie Lee took a running leap about four yards from the tree, landed half way up the tree and disappeared into the trunk. I am not sure whether my screaming caused her to come down the tree and exit back out into the living room (as if nothing unusual had just occurred), but I was sure glad to see her unharmed and the tree still standing. Then there was the year when Noelle knocked over a seven-foot tree while climbing to the top.

Actually I am amused with cats climbing my Christmas trees (artificial cats that is)! My tree is decorated in a trail of beanbag-style gray cats that mischievously climb up into the top of the tree. An orange marmalade beanbag cat adorned in a red Santa hat sleeps on a branch near the top as well.

I have heard many stories about people coming home to toppled trees, shattered ornaments and twisted lights. The cat or cats (chasing each other up the tree adds more fun to this once-a-year opportunity) may have cuts from glass or may have even eaten pieces of broken ornaments.

The simplest way to maintain an erect tree throughout the season is to anchor the tree. A sturdy tree base also helps and that is really what kept Lexie Lee from knocking over the tree last year. If you restrict the cat from the tree room when you are away from home, you will safeguard both the tree and the cat.

This blog was published last December on It was one of three of my Christmas blogs honored with a Certificate of Excellence Award last month by Cat Writers’ Association. Next blog will feature cats and tinsel!

Bountiful Blessings!

Do you have a toppled tree story starring your innocent looking cat?