Lexie Lee and a friend of mine like to play a boxing game. They have entertained me many times with their antics. Lexie Lee throws a mean left paw hook. She typically keeps her claws in, and they play until bored. But earlier this week, I guess she lost interest in playing by the “cat rules”.  My friend ended up with a major scratch—this time from a right paw jab! That reminded me of the time I got cat scratch fever but not from having fun.

I was visiting my parents on the farm. My mother let out a scream from the mud room.  My father and I ran from other parts of the house. Tom (their orange house cat) had gotten outside while my mother was sweeping. He ran into the garage and out the back exit. Several dogs lounging in the garage suddenly had excitement added to their day.

By the time I reached the scene of pandemonium, both my parents were screaming and the dogs were out of control. Tom was cowered along the foundation of the house. The dogs were trying to attack him. I made my way through the pack, and I reached down for Tom. He was petrified. He had never been out of the house or around these animals. He struck out at me with his claws, but I knew the only way to save him was to grab him. There was no time to find gloves. I held on with him biting and scratching me all the way back to the house.

My arms and hands looked like I had been mauled by a tiger. I had been bitten in my veterinary and grooming business, but nothing ever like this. The deep wounds were bleeding and incredibly painful. I scrubbed and scrubbed hoping to avoid cat scratch fever.

The next day I flew back to Florida and a day later I had a fever.

Thursday—Cat Scratch Fever—what is it and how to treat it

Bountiful Blessings!