Last week the service rep from my exterminating company shared a happy cat story. He knows I am a cat lover, and he adores cats as well. He was best buddies with Tatianna for many years and spent as much time petting her and talking to her as he did spraying for bugs! He always asks about Lexie Lee, but she sprints to the bedroom to hide under the bed when the doorbell rings.

Ken immediately announced, “We have a yard guard kitty.” A stray adult black and white cat had wandered into the company’s yard area where the trucks are kept. The cat had a long and deep gash in the neck area and a tattered ear. The cat was skinny and in bad shape. Over the past month the guys at the company have slowly nursed the cat back to health. The cat’s wound has healed, and its coat is shiny. As Ken put it, “Guard kitty now has a belly on him!” They discovered Guard Kitty is deaf, but the cat stays in the enclosed yard.

The guys have a ritual every morning of feeding the cat—Guard Kitty is waiting for them when they arrive to work. He brushes up against their legs asking for his food. I asked Ken what happens to the cat on the weekends. He said they leave extra food and water out and so far, that is working out—with a little left over on Monday mornings. I have a feeling Ken makes special trips there! The inside administrative staff has learned about the new resident cat. So now they are bringing Guard Kitty treats. What a difference a few caring souls can make for a homeless cat.

I just love happy endings!

Bountiful Blessings!