Lexie Lee

Today is National Cat Day—founded by Colleen Paige. The primary goal of National Cat Day is to facilitate shelter cat adoptions. I plan to celebrate the day by giving special thanks for the cat in my life—Lexie Lee. She really adopted me when she appeared in my “safe” yard following a hurricane several years ago. She has brought inexpressible delight to my life, day in and day out.

I am grateful that my fur friend is vibrant and healthy. She loves to play games like hiding under tablecloths and jumping out to surprise me. She greets me when I return home and likes to rub noses. She burrows down in the comforter and snuggles close to me. She lounges on my chest and gazes into my eyes. My muse snoozes on my desk or crawls into my lap while I write Catnip Connection. Wherever I am, Lexie Lee is there, too.

Today she will get some extra hugs and kisses from me. Playtime will be extended, and there will be an extra pinch of catnip! For further information, visit

Bountiful Blessings!