Purr-fect Family Photo

Purr-fect Family Photo

Whenever someone asks me if I have any children, I respond: “I have a cat Lexie Lee.” Who do you consider your family members? My cats have always been treated as family—Noelle, Tatianna, Taittinger, Katarina, Marnie and Lexie Lee. The changing role of pets has expanded the definition of family. According to a 2006 American Veterinary Association study, almost 50% of households consider their pets to be family members.

A generation ago cats lived outside and slept on discarded and tattered blankets. Today, it is not uncommon for cats to stay in warm cozy houses in the winter time and to enjoy cool air-conditioned rooms in the summer heat. They sleep in our beds or luxuriate in down comforters. They hang out in kitty condos at home and vacation with us. They receive brightly wrapped packages at holiday time from family members including even from the dog. They have assorted cat toys to wile away the day.

Some cats even have birthday celebrations. Their irresistible photos adorn our desks at home and even the office. We carry pictures of them in our wallet, and sign their names along with the rest of the family on greeting cards. We worry about the food they eat. Our friends inquire about our cats, and we may even call upon them to babysit. We receive sympathy cards when our beloved companion passes on.

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I look forward to your comments. Do you consider your cat (or dog or other fur friend) a family member? Elaborate why and tell me how your pet is treated.

Bountiful Blessings!