What are you doing to incorporate eco-friendly habits into your everyday life? Yesterday’s News brand cat litter is sponsoring a national contest to search for and reward “Do-Gooders.” Yesterday’s News is a cat litter made from recycled materials including paper and sawdust. The environmentally-friendly cat litter takes items that could otherwise end up in landfills and turns them into high-quality litter that is good for cats, the home and the environment.

Cat-owning do-gooders are invited to submit a short essay of 300 words or less describing how they “do-good” for their cat, home or environment. If you were awarded $15,000 to “do-good” in your local community, where would you want the money to go based on the following selections?

  • Providing an eco-friendly makeover of the cat habitat in your local shelter;
  • Participating in a green clean-up in your town; or
  • Creating or enhancing a local recycling program.

Three Do-Gooders will win $5,000 for themselves as well as $15,000 for a local eco-friendly project to benefit the community. Essays are accepted until October 23, 2009. Entries will be judged on creativity, composition and originality as well as appropriateness to the theme. Full details of the contest can be found at www.yesterdaysnews.com/dogooder

Bountiful Blessings!