Honoring our fur friends visually may be just the tribute that will appeal to you.

1.  Frame some photographs—Over the years I have snapped lots of photos of my cats. I have a cat gallery in one of the hallways of my home where my amateur photography is displayed.  It is a tremendous source of strength for me to see Noelle, Taittinger, Marnie, Tatianna, and Katarina as I pass through the gallery.

2.  Have a portrait painted—You may decide to have an oil painting or watercolor commissioned from your favorite feline photograph and then hung in a prominent place. I have a cat portrait of Tatianna created by Drew Strouble, award-winning artist of Sarasota, Florida. It is one of my most cherished possessions! The portrait ended up being the used for the cover of the Tatianna book.

3.  Make a scrapbook—The scrapbook can contain photos, letters, stories, poems, lists, sympathy cards, and strands of hair or a whisker.  What better way to pay tribute to your pal’s life than to portray and to preserve precious memories in a scrapbook. Or the mementos can be put in a memory box that might include the above items as well as toys, collars, or clothing.

4.  Post a photo online—There are many Web sites designed as pet memorials. You can post photos and stories and share with family and friends.  Just search for pet memorials.

5.  Plant a living memorial—If your cat spent time in the backyard or garden, or spent a lifetime gazing outside as my cats did, planting a special tree or shrub will be a perennial reminder of your beloved friend. Maybe the tree will be planted near the burial site. Another example of a living memorial is a prayer garden. If space is limited for trees and gardens or you do not have a yard, a beautiful potted plant is a perfect remembrance.

The way you pay tribute to your pets is highly personal, and there is no one right way to do so.

I welcome you to comment on how you have memorialized your beloved pets.

Bountiful Blessings!