National Pet Memorial Month in September is the ideal time to honor the life of a beloved pet.  Here are five of my favorites:

1. Hold an anniversary ceremony—I have an annual private candle ceremony to honor all my beloved cats. A single candle is lit for each cat including Noelle, Taittinger, Marnie, Tatianna and Katarina. Your ceremony can also include family or friends.

2. Write a letter—Writing a letter to your cat is a way to have a personal conversation, to celebrate his life, and to convey your gratitude. You can express how much you loved him, what you loved about him, and how much you miss him. You may decide to write just one letter or to chronicle your thoughts in a series of letters over time as I have done. When finished, you have a legacy of letters that will grow more meaningful over the years. You can even read them out loud at a private ceremony.

3. Write a creative story—The story can be about any aspect of your cat’s life—how the cat made its way to your household, a funny anecdote, a favorite toy, or one of many nine lives.  Friends and family might enjoy receiving a copy of the special story as a memorial gift during the month of September.

4. Make a list—The list is a place to recall anything about your cat that you don’t want to become clouded by time. For example, one of my favorite memories about Marnie, is how she followed me around the neighborhood like a dog whenever I went for a walk. Or Tatianna who could shred a roll of toilet paper in less than a minute! When you start this list, just write down whatever pops into your mind. Then you can continue going back to it and adding memories.

5. Make a donation—You can contribute to your favorite animal organization in honor of your cat. Your favorite cat book can be donated to your hometown library or school. You can contribute to a veterinary scholarship or donate towels, bedding or a cat magazine subscription to your local veterinarian’s office.

Next Thursday:  More special ways to honor your cats’ memory

Bountiful Blessings!