A common joke among teachers is the best thing about being a teacher is having the summer off. But kidding aside, my summer officially arrived this past Wednesday at 6 PM. I said farewell to my university colleagues at a post-graduation party after witnessing a lovely graduation earlier in the afternoon. A common question at the party was “What are you going to do this summer?” One professor was heading to his second home in Tennessee first thing Thursday morning. Another professor was packing for a Baltic cruise. Someone else was headed to Tahiti—her favorite place on earth. Another one plans to spend most of her summer in the Dominican Republic that she dearly loves.

What I love about summer is the flexibility. I enjoy having time to recharge, replenish, revitalize—whether it’s at my tropical home in South Florida or at the family farm in Missouri. For the first few days, I do a lot of resting and fun stuff like staying in my pajamas all day. It takes awhile to unwind from the end-of-school frenzied pace of finals, grading and graduation. It takes time for Lexie Lee to become accustomed to a new schedule of having me around all day and interrupting a few of her many naps! It also takes awhile just to realize that another school year has come and gone—that those moments are gone forever. Our graduation speaker, Tom Feltenstein (author of twelve books including The Ten Minute Marketer’s Secret Formula) challenged our graduates to think about the hyphen between when they were born and when they are no longer on this earth someday and to use that time wisely.

So my summer will be spent enjoying my reading list, writing my blogs and other creative pieces, marketing the Tatianna book, and spending precious time with family. I am forgetting to do lists this summer and going with the flow and just doing what feels right for the moment. Right now what feels right is curling up on the couch with Lexie Lee and taking a nap in the middle of the afternoon. Now who can argue with that?

What do you most like about summer?

Bountiful Blessings!