This week I would like to introduce you to Ingrid King who supports happiness and well being for you and your pet through Reiki. According to her Web site, “Reiki is a hands-on healing method that originated in Japan. The practitioner channels healing energy through her hands to the animal through a light touch either directly on the body or from a distance”.

There are many benefits of Reiki. I was particularly fascinated with the benefit of increasing trust and bonding between owner and pet. She goes on to say that “people and pets often mirror each others’ physical and emotional states.  Animals are natural healers and sometimes take on their person’s problems, often in an attempt to heal them”.  I recalled the time when my cat Katarina was boarded, and I was on Christmas holiday. I spent most of the time sick and later found out Katarina had medical problems at the same time.

Many thanks to Ingrid for recently reviewing Tatianna—Tales and Teaching of My Feline Friend and including the book in her May newsletter as well as posting the review on Amazon. You can read the review at

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Bountiful Blessings!