National Pet Week is May 3-9 with the theme being “Pets-the Spice of Life.”  With more than 172 million companion animals living in American homes, the American Veterinary Medical Association wants to remind everyone that these animals give us joy everyday and deserve the best care and attention in return.

Dr. James O. Cook, AVMA president, says that for many years he has involved his veterinary clinic in the National Pet Week celebration, working with local schools to teach students about pets and animal health. Many veterinarians, veterinary technicians and clinics across the country will follow Dr. Cook’s example by using this event to turn National Pet Week into an educational opportunity. Bookmarks, banners, brochures, t-shirts, coloring books and contests are all designed to remind pet owners about the special bond between people and pets.

“Pets serve important roles in our lives,” says Dr. Cook. “Not only do they provide us with companionship, but studies have shown that they help us deal with stress, improve our health and lengthen our lives. For example, senior citizens with pet dogs are more likely to get out of the house and take regular walks with their four-legged companions. That extra exercise brings them great health benefits.”

What I especially like about National Pet Week is the emphasis on educating children about responsible pet ownership. Teachers can download lesson plans and work sheets from the National Pet Week website any time of the year. For more information visit or

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