Rejuvenate, refresh, recharge–all are critical actions to fuel my creative pursuits. So how do I fill the depleted cup? This past weekend the renewal activity was going to a neighborhood church’s flea market where over fifty vendors displayed their wares. The thrill for me is the unknown that I may stumble upon. Two treasures were waiting for me. I started at the far end of the market and worked my way back to the car. The second booth I visited had assorted items, but some stacks of books quickly caught my eye. I noticed they were volumes of collected writings from many classic authors including Hawthorne, Rousseau, Hugo, Stevenson, Emerson, Chekhov, and Hemmingway. The covers were beautifully embossed with green and red scroll designs and a quick look inside showed a publication date of 1928. My heart was beating faster. I had to have these!

“How much?” I ask.

 “$30 or $5 a piece!”  

“Will you take $25 for the set?”

 “How many are there?”  she asks. I counted the books.


“No, I need $30.”

I handed her the money, and she sacked all of them up for me to pick up later. What a buy I thought to myself. It may take me seventeen years, but I am going to read each of these collections! About a half hour later, I found a charming little dish with an English Spaniel standing in green grasses with his nose pointing to a pheasant taking flight. The dish epitomized my late dear brother-in-law’s passion for dogs and for being the founder of Pheasants Forever. What a wonderful keepsake to honor him.

I went to my car with a spring in my step—rejuvenated, refreshed, and recharged!

Bountiful Blessings!