Last week I introduced you to my cats named after a Christmas carol, a Russian heritage, and a French wine. I clearly have quite a system going!  But I have more kitties’ names to share with you.

After Noelle, Tatianna, and Taittinger was—yes—another orange marmalade cat!  She was named Katarina after Olympic gold medal figure skater Katarina Witt. I loved this name, but also called her “Katie” at times. Katarina was spirited just like the figure skater. Tatianna and Katarina lived most of their long lives together. I often referred to them as the Reign of Tatianna and Katarina due to their royal sounding names.

During the Tatianna and Katarina era, a stray black cat worked its way into my heart.  Before long, Marnie, named after one of my favorite Alfred Hitchcock’s movies, joined the household. I always referred to her as “my little angel kitty” since she arrived during a difficult time in my life.

The latest cat I have is named after a character in a book written by one of my favorite contemporary authors, Nicholas Sparks. The librarian in True Believer is Lexie. When another stray cat blew into my yard after Hurricanes Jeanne and Frances, I was reading this book. But, I wanted two names strung together. So what better name for a Southern kitty than Lexie Lee! Occasionally I refer to her as Lex, or say,”Linda loves Lexie Lee.” Yes, Linda loves alliteration!

Although I don’t have any cats to name at the moment, I have always wanted a pair of kittens with old fashioned names—Emma and Lottie. I wonder what Lexie Lee would think about two new sisters?

But is you don’t like my system for naming cats, help is on the way. An electronic search led me to numerous cat sites with hundreds of names. You can scroll through lists that are alphabetized. If you don’t have a letter preference or don’t have the time and patience, you can even ask for a random sample of twenty-five names—kind of like the computer picking your lottery numbers! And if you don’t see any suitable names, just ask for another random list!

What is the most unique cat name you have ever heard?

Bountiful Blessings!