In celebration of the Best Friends Animal Society’s 25th anniversary, a list of 25 Ways to No More Homeless Pets is on their Web site. Here are 10 that stand out for me:

·         Adopt from a shelter or rescue. Don’t buy from a pet store, classified ads or online.

·         Volunteer at your local shelter—walk dogs, clean enclosures, answer e-mails, raise money or write bios/take photos of pets ready for adoption.

·         Spay or neuter pets before they are 3 months old.

·         License, I.D. and microchip your pet.

·         Donate pet food to your local food pantry.

·         Teach young family members about the appropriate way to treat animals they know and those they don’t.

·         Request that the curriculum in your local schools include humane education.

·         Hold a fund-raiser for your local shelter or rescue.

·         Help look for a missing pet for a neighbor or family member.

·         If you find an animal, look for his people and contact animal control. Find out from them if you can foster the pet until either his family is found or until the right home turns up.

Last night my mother mentioned that her neighbor had called to see if one of her dogs happened to be at my mother’s farm.  This neighbor is about one mile across a field from my mother’s place. She has three dogs that are always together, and sometimes they pass through her property. When the neighbor returned home from being gone all day, only two of her dogs showed up in the evening. My mother had not seen the missing dog. My heartfelt prayers went out to both neighbor and dog. I wished I was home to help hunt for her pet. I pray the dog is safe.

To view the entire list of 25 Ways to No More Homeless Pets, visit:

Bountiful Blessings!