I love to receive books as gifts. Every year my Christmas list has at least one book request on it—usually books by Nicholas Sparks or Jan Karon. My sister has amassed all of Richard Paul Evan’s beautiful Christmas books such as The Christmas Box, The Letter, The Locket, Timepiece,—all given to her by mother. I suspect Grace is already wrapped and under the tree! Books are inexpensive, easy to wrap and easy to ship if needed. They can be personalized in the front and can be revisited many times. Some of my favorite treasured books on my book shelf are ones that belonged to my parents and were gifts from their parents.

So if you have some last minute shopping to do, I recommend the WOW! Women on Writing Holiday Gift Guide. You will find 29 pages showcasing of variety of selections including fiction, memoir, mystery, health, cookbooks, business and more. Detailed information is also included about the authors. Buy now links make the shopping effortless. I am pleased to be in the shopping guide this year with the Tatianna book (see page 9 of the guide!). Don’t forget your animal loving friends and family!

Download your free e-book holiday guide today. Please also pass this link on to anyone you think might be interested in the book selections.


Bountiful Blessings!