I spent Thanksgiving reminiscing about 2008 and all the blessings that grace my life. For the past three years, Joe and I have dined at the Palm Beach Chesterfield Hotel, home of the Leopard Lounge for Thanksgiving. This hotel is one of my favorite in the world. In fact, this charming hotel was the site of my Tatianna book launch party last December. So it seemed fitting to return here once again. I left with a kitty bag of traditional Thanksgiving leftovers—enough for a second meal.

So in the evening, I heated the turkey, sage dressing, green beans and mashed potatoes and headed to my walk-in closet to give thanks! For the past four months, Lexie Lee and I have lived in our home during a major renovation. The third level furnishings are stored in a pod in my driveway and what would not fit is in my living room. A narrow path weaves through the living room to the dining room. One of the highlights of my renovation is a walk-in clothes closet. On Monday and Tuesday, the closet fixtures were installed. On Wednesday, I unloaded the wardrobe boxes and put everything in its proper spot in the closet. So that is why I ate leftover Thanksgiving dinner in my closet on Thursday! Picture me sitting on the floor with Lexie Lee nearby waiting for a few morsels of turkey, plate on my lap and a glass of wine nearby. A hurricane lantern provides elegant temporary lighting until the electrician hangs a chandelier next week! Unusual—yes, but the purr-fect spot to give thanks for my Tatianna and Catnip Connection readers, my university job and wonderful students, my health, my home, my loved ones, my dear sweet Lexie Lee and all the talented people responsible for my renovation.  

Bountiful Blessings!