Norm Goldman, Publisher and Editor of Bookpleasures, recently interviewed me about the Tatianna book. One of the questions and my response is listed below:

Norm:   As I have several relatives who are very fond of cats, I was wondering why some people are enormously drawn to cats and why others don’t particularly like them.

Linda:  I have often wondered about that as well. I think that some people have had a bad experience with a cat like being scratched or bitten. Cats are eerie to some people. Because they have an independent nature, some people think that you really can’t get close to cats or you can’t become their best buddy. One of the editors of my book, a self-proclaimed dog person, now has three cats (along with two dogs). She attributes her new found love for cats to becoming intrigued with them after reading the Tatianna book. She adopted one cat and that led to a couple more!

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I am interested in your comments: Why did you think some people are cat people and others don’t like cats?

Bountiful Blessings!