Recently I found out about a wonderful cause called I Love to Write Day. It caught my attention because over my college career I have worked with employers who voice concerns for hiring graduates with well developed writing skills. Text messaging and e-mailing have changed the way we write. But I still think we need to know how to construct a complete sentence. At least that is what I convey to my students.  And oh, by the way, remember to capitalize I!

The I Love to Write Day is celebrated on November 15.  Seven years ago Delaware author John Riddle created I Love to Write Day. According to his 2008 press release, “my goal is to have people of all ages spend time writing. They can write a poem, a greeting card, an essay, a short story, start a novel, finish a novel…the possibilities are endless. But I want people to take the time to put their thoughts down on paper. They will be amazed at the results. Writing can be fun, but also challenging. People need to be challenged, and writing is but one of many creative ways to express yourself.” From what I understand schools, libraries, and other organizations around the country are planning special ways to acknowledge I Love to Write Day.

My contribution to I Love to Write Day is to encourage you to sit down (with your feline friend in your lap of course!) and write a tribute or thank you letter to your cat. Tell me what your cat means to you and how your cat enriches your life. Or write a story about the funniest thing your cat has ever done. Or tell me how you and your cat met. As John Riddle says, “the possibilities are endless.” Email me your story or letter by November 17 and I may publish later on my Web site. I will also select a winning essay in categories of tribute to my cat, funniest cat story, and how I met my cat. Winning authors will receive a copy of Tatianna—Tales and Teachings of My Feline Friend. Winning stories will appear in Catnip Connection blog. The Tatianna book is also a supporting sponsor. For more information, please visit

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