Tatianna’s Team is proud to have Carol, a Feisty Feline as a champion.   She had a clever idea of inviting three authors (that she personally knew) to a book club. She generously purchased books and distributed to club members. Four members were assigned the Tatianna book. On Tuesday, October 14, twenty people gathered at Carol’s house for the Spooktacular Book Event. We were entertained by her Dept. 56 Halloween village complete with lights and scary sounds that covered two eight-foot tables. (I am a Dickens Village collector so loved seeing her collection displayed!). A scrumptious Halloween meal was served. Then each author had twenty minutes to speak. The Tatianna group read aloud a paragraph of their observations.  In addition, they had prepared several thought provoking questions. I have included the main idea of my responses.

Q:  You were deeply self-revealing about your emotional challenges and Tatianna (and others) as a source for solace and growth. What was your original purpose and what other impacts have you seen occur as a result of completing the book?

A:  I did not set out to write a book.  But when Tatianna passed away the day before Easter in 2001, I simply found myself sitting in a rocking chair the next day where the two of had spent a lifetime together. I rocked and I wrote. The pen was flying across the page being driven by a Higher Being. Initially I did not understand what was happening, but I kept writing. It was not long before I realized I had the making of a book and an important message to get out to the world.

Q:  How did your entrepreneurial background affect the writing, publication and acknowledgement of your work?

A:  My background in marketing and managements has helped me a lot. Managing came into play during the writing and publishing process. I assembled a team that consisted of a life coach, a graphics artist, a cat portrait artist, an editor and a Web designer plus the iUniverse editorial staff. But writing the book was just the beginning. Now my time is spent marketing.

Q:  What was most challenging and what was surprising in your process of writing? What took massive effort and what was effortless?

A: The hardest part was near the end when I was doing the edits and tracking the changes. I had so many tracking colors that I thought I would lose my mind. The effortless part was the initial writing that was completed in about six weeks. The surprising thing was how much I enjoyed writing.

Q:  How did you get started…what part did your journaling have in your writing?

A:  Journaling plays a more important role in my writing today than it did in the Tatianna book. I write morning or evening pages. I also write two weekly blogs and enter writing contests.

Q:  Each chapter is like an essay, very complete unto itself. Was this by design or a natural evolution?

A:  An editor recommended that I work on the order of events. I came up with a timeline design of cat heads. From there, some of the content changed and the chapters fell into place.

Q:  This was a grand acknowledgement of one creature’s contribution to your quality of life. How have you expanded, transformed or transcended that appreciation of love for animals today?

A:  Animals are an integral part of my life. I can’t imagine my life without them. I am distraught when I see hurt animals or animals that have been killed on the road. I can communicate with animals on a special level by just sending my thoughts in their direction and they respond. Sick, dying and homeless animals find their way into my yard and not by chance. I know I am meant to be there for them.

Q:  Don’t you just love Pat and Dr. Hope?

A:  Yes, I do! (That is where the group leader takes her pets!)

Bountiful Blessings!