This weekend my thoughts are with my ancestors. A longtime dream of mine came true as I was officially welcomed into the National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution at the Seminole Chapter meeting in West Palm Beach, FL.  Well over a decade ago, I learned that I was a descendent of a patriot who served as a soldier during the Revolutionary War. With my interest in historical preservation and education, DAR was a perfect fit for me. But not so fast! That led me on an extended journey to document seven generations to provide proof for membership.

Nathaniel Thurber, my patriot and great-great-great-great grandfather

James Thurber, my great-great-great grandfather

William Thurber, my great-great grandfather

Laura Thurber Roasa, my great-grandmother

Gladys Roasa Barr, my grandmother

Rosemary Barr Mohr, my mother

Linda Mohr (Me)

Nathaniel Thurber was born on April 13, 1761, in Providence, Rhode Island. He enlisted in 1776 and served as a private in the Revolutionary War until 1779 in Massachusetts as well as at the Burning of Bristol, Rhode Island. He married Polly Shores in 1792 and their son James served in the War of 1812. Some of my most interesting research was locating (with the help of a kind farmer) the abandoned church cemetery near East Carthage, Illinois, where James is buried. Imagine my excitement when I found the inscribed War of 1812 tombstone standing erect amidst overgrown grass and toppled headstones. The documentation process included getting proof of my linkage including birth, death and marriage certificates, church records, census reports and obituaries.

The DAR insignia pin is a beautiful gold wheel. I will wear it over my heart with tremendous pride for what those who have gone before me have done.  I love the meaning behind each part:

THE HUB: Each loyal Daughter’s heart
EACH SPOKE: A thought of those from whom we part
THE TIE: A noble life well rounded out
EACH STAR: A deed of kindness as we go about
EACH FLAXEN THREAD: A cord of love to bind us closer day by day
THE DISTAFF: A rod of love to guide us all the way

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