Fall officially starts tomorrow, September 22. Oh, how I miss being in the Midwest especially this time of the year. One of my online students in Michigan e-mailed me recently and commented that the trees were already turning to brilliant reds and oranges. When I talked to my mother in Missouri last night, she was making apple cookies.

I have lived in Florida over thirty years. It took me several years to really detect and appreciate the nuances of our seasons in the tropics. Part of that is due to the weather being nice and sunny most of the time. Sometimes, I even forget what month it is. Or I think it always feels like May—until I look at the calendar and am shocked. Yikes! Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner!! Unlike some parts of the country, I don’t have the usual reminders like crimson leaves falling, bags of leaves to rake, or apple festivals to attend.

But the Florida weather changes, and I can feel fall in the air. The humidity drops a little more each day. My gigantic fichus tree deposits more leaves in the swimming pool, but remains green.  The stores are jammed with seasonal decorations like scarecrows, black cats, pumpkins, gourds and leaf garlands. I decorate my home with all this and more! One of my favorite fall outings in North Palm Beach is to go to Home Depot and buy an assortment of chrysanthemums—which I did this weekend. The local churches start having rummage sales and festivals this time of the year.  A church down the street from me had a rummage sale on Friday and Saturday. I went to it both days and found many wonderful treasures. But I really know it is fall when there are longer waits in restaurants, and traffic is heavier as our seasonal residents make their way back to Florida! But that is OK. I love fall!

Next Week:  My Favorite Fall Recipes

Bountiful Blessings!