As I was enjoying breakfast in my sunroom recently, Lexie Lee and I were entertained by butterflies. I was reminded of a passage from my Tatianna book, Chapter Thirteen—Tatianna’s Triumphal Battle: “God beautifies the season, creates fluttering butterflies, paints magnificent sunsets, flings stars into the universe and never ceases to provide strength and hope in the midst of life and death.”

A bright orange flower garden towers above a six-foot fence, filling in a large area around the kidney-shaped pool. Two black butterflies (species unknown to me) flew in perfect formation as though they were performing at an air show. This fascinating ritual went on for several minutes. Then they separated and flew off in different directions, but soon they were back flying in tandem over the pool. Then a single yellow butterfly (species also unknown) arrived on the scene to feast on a breakfast of nectar. Lexie Lee followed every graceful movement of the butterflies with intense focus while perched on the window sill.

I later Googled butterflies and learned several interesting tidbits—long forgotten from science class!  Butterflies fly when it is warm and sunny. At night they hang from the underside of a leaf or crawl in between a crevice. They have two different kinds of eyes. They see images and color with compound eyes and they sense light and shadows with simple eyes. They drink sugary nectar from flowers with their tongues, which act like a straw. There are 28,000 species of butterflies in the world, with 725 of these being in the United States. No wonder I don’t know my butterflies’ names!

What a beautiful and peaceful way for Lexie Lee and me to begin our day together!

Do you have a butterfly garden?

Bountiful Blessings!