As we reach the mid-year juncture, I want to thank friends and family who have joined Tatianna’s Team to help promote the Tatianna book. The Chatty Cats, Meowleaders, and Feisty Felines have been busy as you will see below. 

Valerie, Christine, and Sacha for emailing my book announcement to their network of friends

Rita, Vicki, and Richard ­for posting a 5 star review on

Kathy, Nancy Lee, Steve, Joan, DeeDee, Mary Ann, Deb, Sacha, Nikki, Barbara, and Davee for sharing a 5 Paw reader feedback

Marisa for doing a book review on her Web site

Carol for scheduling a book club appearance and providing multiple copies to members

Donna, Jason, and Karen for arranging guest speaking opportunities

Joe, Mike, and Rita for writing feature articles for newspapers and journals

Suzi for posting an article on Internet

Mary Ann and Christine for contacting a radio producer

Rick for having me on a radio show as well as producing commercials

Eloise for informing her local library

Mila for sharing book with pet stores

Vicki for recommending the book in her blogroll

Drew for linking to my Web site and for sponsoring me for Cat Writers’ Association

Larry and Brenda for providing locations for hometown book signing

Marty for sharing book with multiple friends

Steve for selling and delivering books

Joseph for purchasing a large bulk order for client gifts

Nikki for keeping the book Web site updated

Joe, Joan, DeeDee, Ed, Dennis, Nancy Lee, Carrie, Davee, Sacha, Carol, Anna, Cheryl, Stan, Lisa, Eloise, Larry, Joan, Molly, Jo Ann, Patricia, Edward, Gene, and Rhonda for purchasing multiple copies

Mother for contacting hometown friends and handling book orders

And a multitude of people who have purchased single copies

Each of you has helped to make a difference in the lives of people and pets. I am deeply grateful for all your help and support.

Bountiful Blessings!