In Victoria magazine, the author, Alexander Stoddard, says this about her writing space: “We create our surroundings, and they have a way of shaping us. The light, energy, colors, textures, sounds, fresh air, privacy, order, and beauty make me comfortable and happy.”  When I’m not at my favorite restaurant with sketchbook in hand, you will find me in one of three spots in my home. Each location is beautiful and inspirational in a different way yet each embodies the same features that I desire. Light, breezes, and nature draw me like magnets to these areas. Lexie Lee follows me wherever I go!

My third story office is awash with bright southern sunlight. Cool breezes are refreshing. My neighbors’ trees are in my site as I sit at the desk facing out. Lexie Lee lounges on the window sill right in back of the desk or sometimes rests in the hall—but always looking in my direction. Fresh cut flowers in a crystal vase adorn the corner of the desk. I word process my writing from sketchbooks and fancy paper in this tranquil setting.

The sunroom on the middle level of the house overlooks the arbor, pool, and patio. I have written about this enchanting room on April 26—My Blessed Backyard Creatures. I especially like this location for writing in the morning or in the late evening. The morning is active with animals running around outside and with Lexie Lee nearby. The eastern sunlight dances off the swimming pool and the tropical landscape reflecting off the pool would make a breathtaking Impressionistic painting. At night, the room takes on a different charm— one of peacefulness and white light. Occasionally, I hear the wind gently speak to the wind chimes.

When I want to be in the middle of nature with palm fronds brushing me lightly, I head to the arbor with my sketchbook and turquoise pen. The three-sided lattice covered room is anchored by areca palm trees. When I sit in this room in my retro 1950s metal lawn chair, I feel like I am in a secret hideaway of yesteryear. Lexie Lee rests on the sunroom window sill on the inside, and I can see her from the outside.

I understand Alexander Stoddard’s perspective.  All three spots shared with Lexie Lee make me happy and influence my writing. I am blessed to be surrounded by such beauty.

Bountiful Blessings!