“Where do you like to write?”a friend asks.

“I like to write in Greece,” I said.

She looked at me perplexed. “I didn’t know you had ever been to Greece.”

“Yes, I was there last Wednesday!” I joked.

Two of my favorite spots to write are restaurants and my home. Today, I am sitting in a little French café, Paris-In-Town. This charming place transports me to France, and for a couple of hours I am thousands of miles from my South Florida home. I am enjoying tuna nicoise salad and coconut macaroons while crafting this weekend’s blog. The staff is friendly and attentive, and magazine and newspapers (some French) are an arm’s length away for reading and relaxing. I observe the unhurried patrons. A French lady at the table next to me just returned for her third cup of coffee and will probably have a fourth after a bit. She is engaged in a spirited conversation with two of her girlfriends.

When not at this restaurant, you will find me at Italian or Greek restaurants, or beach front restaurants overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Sometimes, I am in the mood for a neighborhood diner where I sit at the counter.  Remarkably, all of these choices are within minutes of my home.

Regardless of my destination, I always travel with my favorite writing paraphernalia. That includes a variety of colorful gel pens in purple, pink, green, and turquoise selections. Sometimes, I use glitter pens. Today’s blog is handwritten on decorative paper with purple swirling flowers forming a border on a white background. Other days I write in a sketch book. When I write in restaurants, I do not use my computer.  I simply have more fun using colorful writing instruments and paper with a punch.

Next Week—Writing at Home

Bountiful Blessings!