Cats and fish—an unlikely combination unless it’s catfish! Lately I am drawn to tropical fish. Earlier this month I wrote an article about animal therapy in eldercare facilities and how aquariums are a way for residents to have a positive connection to nature. That brought back fond memories of my maternal grandmother and her love of big gold fish. She always had a round bowl filled with several large fish. When I visited, I helped clean the bowl, replenish it with fresh water, and fed the fish. The fish bowl set on a table near her beloved parakeet. But the parakeet was caged, so there weren’t any issues between the two. I also had fish as a child—little ones purchased from the Woolworth’s store in Keokuk, Iowa. I always liked black fish and was fascinated in watching the store clerk catch the fish in a net as I pointed out the ones I wanted.  Most of my fish had short lives, but I had fun having them around.

I got an aquarium when I was in graduate school after mentioning to my boyfriend that I liked fish.  I returned to my dorm room one afternoon and found a fully equipped and functioning aquarium! He had bribed the resident assistant to let him set up the aquarium. I later moved the aquarium to an apartment near Iowa State University where I had my first job.  During spring break, someone cared for the fish. When I returned, all the fish were floating on the top of the water. That ended having fish on exhibition. I gave the setup to my mother.  She maintained the aquarium for several years—until it became more of a chore than enjoyment.

After my mother read the eldercare article, she mentioned Wal-Mart sold fish. So when there, we admired all the beautiful fish and picked out our favorites. That same day when we had lunch in Quincy, Illinois, there was a large square aquarium next to our table. In another restaurant, I noticed an aquarium, but with only one fish! When I returned to Florida, I found myself looking at fish again at Wal-Mart when buying cat food. Today when I ran errands, I noticed a freshwater fish store that I pass daily, but only really noticed today! When I stopped by a pet store to play with the kitties up for adoption, guess what were a few feet from all the cages? Fish of course!! I guess you could say signs are everywhere. Funny how that works—much like buying a new car and everywhere you go, you see one like yours!

Well, I have not bought any fish yet. I am not sure how Lexie Lee will react or whether they will be her early morning breakfast someday.

Has anyone successfully had an open container of fish in the same household with a cat?

Bountiful Blessings!