The Cat Writers’ Association, Inc. (CWA) is an organization of professionals writing, publishing, and broadcasting about cats. Members include writers, editors, publishers, artists, public relations specialists, and broadcasters.

I am thrilled to report that CWA approved my membership application this week. I look forward to being a part of a group whose goals include:

·         Be a major influence for the good of cats by providing accurate news, information, and education on all aspects of cats

·         Encourage cat writing in general newspapers and magazines

·         Improve the quality of writing about cats

·         Recognize outstanding communication about cats

·         Offer members networking opportunities with their peers

·         Provide education on being published

To be considered for professional membership, samples of your work for which you are paid such as books, magazine articles, or ezine articles are required along with a CWA sponsor. My application package included Tatianna—Tales and teaching of My Feline Friend. I thank Drew Strouble, Tatianna’s cover artist for sponsoring me.

What is a topic you would like to see me write about?

Bountiful Blessings!