Many of you have asked, “Just exactly what do you do now that your book is out?” I actually think that is when the real work begins. Like maybe writing is 10% of a book and marketing it is 90%! Others have asked “When are you going to write another book?” Today’s blog will answer the first question!

When Tatianna was published, I committed to a minimum of one daily task to market the book or further my writing career.  Sometimes, a micromovement like drafting an email or returning a phone call is all I can manage—especially if I am in the middle of grading exams. Other days my journal list includes several items resulting in a couple dozen accomplishments by week’s end.   

Last week I:

·         Wrote copy for a  two-sided flyer for Florida Library Convention

·         Worked by email with graphics artist on flyer design

·         Emailed graphics file to printers

·         Picked up flyers from printers

·         Assembled a package of flyers, Tatianna book, and bookmarks

·         Mailed package to Florida Library Convention

·         Wrote Seattle Post-Intelligence blog—Name That Kitty

·         Wrote Web site blog—National Library Week Cat Story

·         Got name of hotel gift shop buyer while there for breakfast

·         Wrote a 500 word essay “When I Felt Like a Star” for a contest

·         Made publicist appointment

·         Sent handwritten note to a reader in Missouri

·         Wrote letter to Rural Missouri magazine for story idea

·         Autographed and mailed a book to a reader in Missouri

·         Entered Tatianna book in Beach Book Festival Contest

·         Emailed colleague about sponsorship for Cat Writers Association

·         Emailed reader in Iowa who is grieving the loss of her cat

·         Read Red Hot Internet Publicity book

I wrote Tatianna one word at a time, and I connect with you, the readers, one activity at a time.

Bountiful Blessings!