Would you like to join Tatianna’s team?

What I learned while caring for Tatianna during her illness was that it took a team effort.  Be it medical expertise, love, caring, strength, bravery, faith or an energy force—all were necessary ingredients for our miracle. Then when I wrote and published Tatianna, I assembled a talented team including an artist, a graphic designer, a Web designer, a computer expert, a life coach, several editors and proofreaders as well as my heavenly helpers to guide me throughout the process.

Now I am calling on all of you to join Tatianna’s Team and to help publicize our creation. Although we have initiated a marketing campaign and Rita M. Reynolds, author of Blessing The Bridge:  What Animals Teach Us About Death, Dying and Beyond, has endorsed the book, we cannot do it alone.

Tatianna’s Team needs:

  • Meowleaders who cheer us on with support
  • Chatty Cats who talk about us any chance they get
  • Feisty Felines who promote us with spirited courage

We need all of you to help create a “buzz” this year and to send Tatianna’s message out to the world. When you do, you will be honored at periodic recognition events. The more you contribute in 2008, the more I will find ways to honor you and to thank you.

There are ten ways you can help Tatianna and be recognized. Let’s look at three ways this week, and I will continue the list next week.

  • Send an email book recommendation along with my Web site address, www.lindamohr.net  to anyone in your address book and ask them to do the same (you can design your own recommendation or email me for a paragraph to send)
  • Send or pass out a postcard announcement to your contacts (email me for preprinted postcards and stamps)
  • Post a (purr-fect!) review on www.amazon.com  and www.barnesandnoble.com  as well as a 5  Paw reader feedback on www.lindamohr.net  (the same review can be posted on all sites); the process is easy: Go to Amazon and type in Tatianna book, click on the stars, click on “create your own review.” For my Web site, just please email me your review.

Your help is sincerely appreciated.

Bountiful Blessings!