I have never had a pet rabbit. But in the past few months, my neighbor’s rabbit, Fluffy spent many hours in my yard. He was a beautiful white rabbit with dark brown and black patches. Actually, the first time I discovered the tame rabbit on my patio, I suspected the rabbit had gotten out of its cage and was lost. I frantically went to several neighbors inquiring if they were missing a rabbit. I discovered that Fluffy belonged to the family directly behind my house and was escaping from his hutch.

In the mornings when he heard me in the kitchen removing the tea canister lid, he hopped from the fence across the patio. Lexie Lee followed him intently from the inside of the dining room window sill. Sometimes, he hopped around on the patio and then he disappeared under a cool areca palm tree. He was not frightened of me and would come right up to me.

Fluffy had lots to be enamored with in my background. The yard is fenced and lush tropical vegetation adorns the fence lines. He had a myriad of choices of floral to nibble on and lots of secret hiding places. A forty-year fichus tree provided a massive shade canopy.

On Tuesday morning this week, a work crew arrived at my house. Later in the morning, they told me a dead rabbit was in a bush in the front yard. They had seen the rabbit convulsing right before it passed away. I was shocked and ran outside and found Fluffy. I went to get my neighbor, but she was not home.So I placed Fluffy in a white plastic bag and laid him in an oversized shoe box. I crumbled a piece of purple tissue and placed it over him. When I later returned from work, I went to my neighbors and conveyed the sad news and gave them Fluffy. I cried on the way home.

The following morning when I opened the tea canister and looked out the window, I poignantly realized how much a part of my heart Fluffy had captured in a short time and what a big hole he left. I was reminded once again of Thomas Wolfe’s thought: “I am a part of all that I have touched and that has touched me.” May God bless Fluffy.

Bountiful Blessings!