I took a big step forward this past week in marketing Tatianna. I was on live radio on KMEM FM in Memphis, MO on February 13. This was my first radio show promoting Tatianna, and I had a ball being interviewed by phone for fifteen minutes. Later the producer called back, and we did a short taped commercial that will be aired several times prior to my hometown book tour in March.  Many thanks to producer and director, Rick Fischer for having me on the Coffee Break show. Many thanks to my mother as well for calling family and friends in advance of the show! I hope to do more radio shows around the country in the months to come.

In the Tatianna book, I wrote a chapter about my father and his passion in life—baseball. When my father passed away in 1992, Rick Fischer sent our family a sympathy note expressing what an impact Leonard had made on him as a young person as he was growing up on the baseball and softball fields in northeast Missouri. My father’s love of sports, kids, and life clearly left an impression on Rick.

Years later after my father’s passing, I put together a collage of pictures of my father in assorted baseball moments including my mother and me standing next to him in his baseball uniform. (It is one of my favorite pictures of the three of us—taken when I was three or four years old). I included the poignant note from Rick with the pictures. This tribute to my father hangs in the baseball sports room of my home.  I found it fascinating that decades later Rick was interviewing the daughter of one of his boyhood’s heroes about her life’s passion—the love of animals

Yes, indeed, we are all somehow connected!

Bountiful Blessings!